VSRu Niagara Blue Ultegra R8070 Di2

VSRu Niagara Blue Ultegra R8070 Di2

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In the next stage of the VSR’s evolution, we’ve used “u” for “ultra” to define the design’s incredible performance and style. The VSRu’s exclusive VERO aero handlebars, disk brake cover, integrated cable routing, aerodynamic frame shape, and exquisite hand-painted finish combine to take you on a sleek and balanced flight with the wind.

A glossy wasp decal stands out against the matte paint of the VSRu, representing its speed capabilities, while lines depicting wind flow move across the down tube in contrast to the frame’s stiffness. There are one standard color: “Golden Flow” highlights areas of a matte black frame with accents of gold.

VERO Intergrade Bar (VERO)

We designed VERO exclusively for the VSRu as detachable unibody handlebars with fully integrated cables and aerodynamic spacers. It also comes with a mount that can be used to secure a computer, light, or camera. Choose from 80, 90, 105, 120, or 135mm for the stem size, and 380, 400, 420, or 440mm for handlebar size.

Intergrade Mount Ready (IMR)

The VERO handlebar design includes a mount that can be locked on directly, and is compatible with GARMIN computers and lights, and GOPRO cameras. There is also a separate SRM mount available, and both integrated designs are aerodynamic and stylish.


Instead of hiding a Di2 battery mount in the seat post like previous designs, we integrated the battery mount within the VSRu’s downtube to avoid the inconvenience of needing to remove the seat post. We’ve also included a mount for the new RS-910 Di2 junction box, making charging and checking battery levels more intuitive.

Aero Shape design (AERO-S)

The VSRu inherited all our experience from designing DARE’s time trial bike, the TSRf. Our designers reworked the Kammtail + bullet-shaped tubes into shapes and measurements more suitable for road cycling. Calculations from wind tunnel testing helped determine what curves would best be able to accelerate wind movement across the bike.

VSRu Aerodynamic Adjustable Seat Plus (V-AAS)

The VSRu’s aerodynamic seat post can be adjusted to anywhere between 73 and 74.5 degrees, so cyclists can easily achieve a posture suitable for the type of ride or riding habit.

Two Brake Systems (2BS)

The VSRu’s two-brake system is one of its many thoughtful details, providing customers with flexible brake system options. It also makes the system more intuitive, and customers don’t need to buy a front fork separately to use the bike.


DARE’s bike frames are made of 100% carbon fiber. Using new latex inner mold technology, a frame’s inner walls are able to be completely smooth and carbon fiber can be tightly layered on, resulting in consistent frame rigidity and small tolerances.

We are dedicated to building the highest performance and best quality into each DARE bike.
Each DARE bike is made of carbon fiber in various shapes and sizes, meticulously calculated by computers. We designed carbon fiber layup according to the strength needed for different parts of a frame, and used electronic cutting machines to remove unwanted parts. We took on the challenge of creating the lightest frame while retaining strength and stiffness. To achieve reduced weight, we have even taken the weight of paint into consideration. All of our bike frames are painted by professional craftsmen, who use the least paint possible to cover the entire frame while dressing it up. We also greatly emphasize the safety of our cyclists. Before being manufactured, all DARE products have to undergo various destructive tests, including fatigue tests, pressure tests, crash tests, and the like. Under strict standards set by ISO4210, the entire bicycle has to remain intact during destructive testing. In order to ensure the safety of our cyclists, DARE pushed to enhance strength by 20% in all tests.

Once you have purchased your DARE bike, the order will be sent directly to the factory in Taiwan for production and assembly. We then ship your bike to an address of your choice in collaboration with our partner DHL Express, one of the world's largest and most reputable logistics companies.

All bikes are delivered in our custom designed “EZ Box” and are 95% assembled when you receive it. All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions that are attached inside of the box and then you're ready for a bike ride.

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