Legal notice

Uno-X Bikes AS, Gladengveien 2, 0661 Oslo, bus. reg. no. 921 505 671, is the distributor for Dare Bikes in Norway (“seller”) and on the online store

These terms of sale, the order and the order confirmation together form the overall contract basis for purchase. See our privacy notice here [link] for questions regarding the processing of personal information,

The following terms and conditions apply to orders placed directly with seller and on the website:

The prices listed in the online store include value-added tax (“VAT”) if you live in Norway. If you want the products to be shipped outside of Norway the prices listed are excluded VAT and customs. Information regarding total buyer costs, including delivery costs as well as specification of the items adding up to the total price, is provided in the order before payment is made. If you live on Svalbard, you must inform us when you place order if you want your VAT refunded.

Shortly after we receive your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. If you do not find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you have not received any kind of order confirmation, feel free to contact us by email Your order is binding when it is registered with us and you have received confirmation. Review the order confirmation carefully and contact us if anything is inaccurate.

You may use Visa or Mastercard for your payment. Encrypted card information is transmitted through our payment provider KLARNA. Klarna provides for safe online payments; you do not need to be concerned about your card information going astray. Neither card number, expiration date nor CVC code are stored by Uno-X Bikes AS. When you pay, a reservation is placed on your card for the payment amount, and your card is not charged until the order is processed by us.

Klarna offers other payment options such as partial payments, deferred payment, online account transfer, or invoicing. Read more on or on the payment screen when you make your purchase.

Large orders to cycling teams and clubs that are made directly to seller, are invoiced.

Your order is delivered to the address specified in the order confirmation, or to the corresponding location for post deliveries. You can choose delivery method within the options offered when you order.

The time for delivery will depend on the customer's choice of delivery method and will be disclosed in the purchase order. If more than one item is ordered, seller may ship the items in separate shipments.

The items are Dare Bikes’ responsibility until you have received them.

After you have received the products, you should, as soon as possible, examine whether the shipment matches the order confirmation, if the products have been damaged during shipping, or if the products are defective or faulty. Contact if something does not meet your expectations.

Read the user manual and warranty terms and conditions. Keep the instructions to look up information and for packing up returns.

Follow all assembly instructions in "First time assembly".

Follow all instructions in "Before you ride your bike for the first time."

Follow all instructions in "Suggested riding environment", so that you can ride your DARE bike in appropriate places.

Follow all instructions in "Before every time you ride”. Start riding only after you have checked that all security features work correctly.

While riding DARE bikes, perform regular maintenance as described in the user manual. For the sake of your own safety, do not repair the bike yourself unless you are qualified to do so. Questions regarding repair and maintenance may be directed to DARE’s customer service representatives.

Once you have biked 100 km, check that all screws are tight. Remember to use a torque wrench to tighten screws to the correct torque value, and maintain it thereafter. For details, please refer to the chapter "Suggested torque value" in DARE’s user manual.

You may cancel the purchase of the item under the provisions of the Consumer Purchases Cancellation Act. The right of cancellation may be used even if the item is free of defects and before the item is delivered.

You must inform us in writing about using the right of cancellation within 14 days after the item, information about the right of cancellation and the right of cancellation form are received. When you use your right of cancellation, you must pay the cost of the return shipment.

If the item is defective, you must, within a reasonable time of discovering it, notify us that you want to invoke the defect, at the latest within two months from the time of discovering the defect.

The complaint must be made no later than two years after you received the items. If the items are intended to last significantly longer than two years, you must notify us no later than five years after you received the items.

Submit your complaint in writing to We cover the cost of return shipment in case of such complaints.

Bicycle and frame:
Once you have received the product and you discover that the product has been damaged in shipment or that the bike is defective, please do not use it, but keep the whole package and locate the proof of purchase or the DARE Bikes warranty card. Contact DARE’s customer service immediately. As soon as the matter is confirmed, return the bike with the packaging to DARE.

When you find out that the product is defective, or the delivery is incorrect, please contact our customer service so that you can make use of the free return. Shipping cost for the first return of the same order is free. But the returned product must be brand new (i.e. not used, worn or assembled), well packaged and include the proof of purchase.

The warranty is in addition to the rights the buyer has under applicable law.

The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.

The proof of purchase and DARE’s warranty card grant you a warranty period of three years (36 months) from the date of purchase. If you complete your product registration within 30 days of purchase, the warranty period is six years (72 months) from the date of purchase.

Please note that if you buy an old model in a year when a new model is available, this may affect the warranty.

With the proof of purchase and a DARE warranty card, pre-2016 models are granted a warranty period of two years (24 months) from the date of purchase. Registering the product within 14 days of purchase will extend the warranty period to three years (36 months).

If the product manufactured by DARE has a defect that is covered by the warranty, you will be offered free repair or exchange upon confirmation of the matter by DARE. If the product is discontinued, we will replace the old one with a new product of equal value.

To protect your rights, please keep your warranty card, receipt or proof of purchase (must state the date of purchase, product name, and amount paid, and must be stamped by the dealer).

DARE reserves the right to determine if the defective product should be repaired or exchanged. We also have the right to decide which type of product should be used for an exchange. We also reserve the right to issue the final interpretation in the event of a dispute.

Warranty claims:
Procedure for warranty claims: Please take a picture of the product code from the proof of purchase. Send the picture of the damaged product by email to our customer service at A customer service representative will assist you.

If a product is repaired or exchanged under warranty, the warranty period for the new product begins on the original warranty date. (The first date of purchase for the product.)

When a product is exchanged within the warranty period, we take ownership of the old product.

For matters that are not covered by the warranty and which are not caused by a product defect, accessories and handling fees will be charged according to the list price.

Additional costs, such as assembly and maintenance costs or shipping, are not covered by the warranty.

Situations where the warranty does not apply:
• Consumable accessories are not covered by the warranty: Accessories such as tires and inner tubes, brake pads, braking wires, gear shifting wires, handlebar covers, chainrings, chains, cassettes, rims, and hubs not covered by the warranty.
• When you find out that the product is defective, or the delivery is incorrect, please contact our customer service so that you can make use of the free return. Shipping cost for the first return of the same order is free. But the returned product must be brand new (i.e. not used, worn or assembled), well packaged and include the proof of purchase.
• The warranty for the product has expired.
• The bike type and product serial number listed on the warranty do not match the bike or are unreadable.
• The product serial number has been removed, changed or is unreadable.
• The bike has not been used and maintained as provided by the user manual.
• Damage caused by corrosive detergent(s), inappropriate components and maintenance/repair.
• The bike has been modified, or the original specifications, paint or accessories have been changed by the bike's owner.
• There is noise or vibration from moving parts that do not affect the bike’s functionality.
• The bike is in frequent use or is rented out to many people.
• The bike is stored incorrectly, or the paint or the colour of the metal and plastic components are the result of normal wear and tear due to long-term use.
• If you do not find any defects on the product’s paint within seven days of purchase, none of the bike’s appearance or paint defects are covered by the warranty.

Damage caused by the following:
• The product is damaged due to human activity, negligence and excessive or inappropriate use.
• The bike has been inappropriately assembled (e.g., inappropriate use of a torque wrench), or damage or defect is caused by repair(s) performed by unauthorized DARE dealers.
• The bike is improperly disassembled, or accessories that are not original are used (using instead modified parts that are not original)
• Deterioration of quality over time, such as the deterioration of the paint colour (wear or yellowing) from UV rays, metal surface erosion, etc.
• A product that has been repainted (in whole or in part).
• Damage or defect caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, fires, etc.).
• Damage caused by an accident or collision (portable frame used improperly, traffic accident, crash, crushing, damage in transit, inappropriate use, or other unintended collision)
• Damage or defect caused by overload.
• Damage or defect caused by exhaust, chemicals, animal droppings, salt water erosion, etc.
• Consumables not being maintained or replaced in a timely manner, leading to damage or malfunction of other components.
• Damage or defect caused by riding the bike in unsuitable places or under tough competition conditions.
• The seat post was not installed in accordance with the safety guidelines, causing deformation or damage to the frame.

"Crash Replacement Program"

DARE offers a "crash replacement program". If you register your product on within 30 days of purchase and fill in all the required information correctly, you will qualify for our "crash replacement program". This offer applies only to the original buyer and stands for three years after the purchase date.

With our "crash replacement program", you may purchase a new frame of the same or similar kind at a discount. See DARE’s official website for additional information on our discounted rates. (The exchange scheme after crash only applies to DARE products such as forks, handlebars and seat posts.)

Feel free to send us an email or contact us by phone if you want to use the "collision warranty". You must send us the proof of purchase and a photo of the broken bike as well as explain the cause of the damage. We will let you know how the exchange will take place once we have evaluated the matter.

If the damage is intentional, we have the right to refuse to offer you the "collision warranty".

Once the defective product is exchanged, we take ownership of the old product.

The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably. The buyer may contact Forbrukerrådet (the Consumer Council) ( for assistance in a dispute. If no amicable solution is achieved after mediation in Forbrukerrådet, each of the parties may request that the dispute is processed by Forbrukerklageutvalget (the Consumer Complaint Committee). You may file the case directly with Forliksrådet (the Conciliation Board), or the parties may agree to non-judicial mediation under the rules of section 7 of the Dispute Act.

These terms of sale are governed by the laws of Norway.

The entire content of these web pages are the property of Uno-x Bikes AS and is protected by legislation governing e.g. copyright, marketing and trademarks. This means that trademarks, company name, product name(s), product information, including e.g. information regarding the products and weight, images/graphics, design and layout, and other web page content under no circumstances shall be downloaded, copied or used in any way without explicit permission through applicable law or by the express written consent of Uno-x Bikes AS.

We have the right to cancel or modify the terms of sale without prior notice. Updated terms of sales are found on our home page.

DARE has the right to cancel or revise the policy without additional notification. Please refer to the latest policies on our official website.