MA 606 Frame kit

MA 606 Frame kit

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The New ACE disc brake 

Mountain Ace (MA) is DARE’s newest all-round disc brake bike, a machine of precisely calculated tube shape for even higher power output, designed to conquer the slopes. Whether you’re racing or training, count on the MA to provide an impeccable performance.  

Exceptional design at an affordable price 

Following closely with the MA-AFO’s frame design, we used the high tensile strength carbon fiber T-700S in place of costly graphene carbon fiber, lowering the price of an exceptional design. 

Enjoy limitless pedaling 

In comparison with MR1sDB, MA’s Zedler test data show a significant increase in stiffness, assuring each pedal produces power in a flowing stream of maximum efficiency.  

Wider tires, better performance 

As increasingly seen in professional races, wider tires improve performance, and the MA is absolutely prepared to accommodate tire widths up to 30C. 

Ride in style 

Integrated cables and systems allow for a clean, sleek frame that’ll add to your style whether you’re training or cruising on city streets.  

CHS (Compatible Handlebar System)  

MA has a modular cable routing system, so it’ll fit both traditional handles with external cables and the internal Aero1 handlebars. Upgrading will be that much easier, and so will maintenance and transport! 

We are dedicated to building the highest performance and best quality into each DARE bike.
Each DARE bike is made of carbon fiber in various shapes and sizes, meticulously calculated by computers. We designed carbon fiber layup according to the strength needed for different parts of a frame, and used electronic cutting machines to remove unwanted parts. We took on the challenge of creating the lightest frame while retaining strength and stiffness. To achieve reduced weight, we have even taken the weight of paint into consideration. All of our bike frames are painted by professional craftsmen, who use the least paint possible to cover the entire frame while dressing it up. We also greatly emphasize the safety of our cyclists. Before being manufactured, all DARE products have to undergo various destructive tests, including fatigue tests, pressure tests, crash tests, and the like. Under strict standards set by ISO4210, the entire bicycle has to remain intact during destructive testing. In order to ensure the safety of our cyclists, DARE pushed to enhance strength by 20% in all tests.

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