Unfold the technologies
behind DARE Bikes.

Highest performance and best quality

How we work

We are dedicated to building each DARE bike with high performance and best quality. Each DARE bike was made of carbon fiber of various shapes and sizes meticulously calculated by computers.

We have designed carbon fiber layup according to the strength needed for different parts of the frame, and used electronic cutting machine to remove the unwanted parts. We took the challenge of creating the most lightweight frame while retaining its strength and stiffness. To achieve lightweight, we have even taken the weight of paint into consideration.

All of our bike frames were painted by professional craftsmen, who used the least paint to cover the entire frame while dressing it up. We also emphasize greatly the safety of our cyclists. Before being manufactured, all DARE products have to undergo various destructive testing, including fatigue tests, pressure tests, crash tests, and the like. Under the strict standard set by ISO400, the whole bicycle has to remain intact during destructive testing. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of our cyclists, DARE determined to enhance the strength of testing by 20% in all the tests.